About Us

Performance MRP is the performance automotive division of MRP Manufacturing, LLC. MRP is a trusted, top-rated seller on eBay; selling on the site since 2009. Our goal at Performance MRP is to provide our customers with the highest quality components with direct from manufacturer pricing! We are a brand that was founded by backyard mechanics, who just happen to also be CNC programmers, CNC machinists, and Engineers. We are truly a brand that is by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

We enjoy working with other car enthusiasts from backyard mechanics to professional fabricators. We focus on customer satisfaction above all else, we consider our customers to be our best resource and we will always listen to YOUR ideas! Performance MRP, where engineering and precision machining are driven by our love for performance cars.

Our Start

In 2003 MRP Machine Co. LLC was founded by Mark R. Paulin in a small garage space, located in Farmington, NH. MRP Machine Co. started out as a ‘job shop’ running prototype and production work for manufacturers all around the United States.

In 2009 we made our first MAF housing for a father/son project, a 1995 Volkswagen Golf Sport 2.0 with a custom turbo setup. Like typical machinists, we figured that if we were going to make one housing, why not make six? The first batch of MK3 VW housings sold almost instantly on a popular VW forum. With this success we began using eBay as a platform to promote and sell our products. In no time at all we were receiving requests from our customers for different diameters and styles of MAF housings and weld-on MAF sensor flanges for many different makes and models. This was the start of becoming a customer-driven company. With that first housing, we never would have guessed that we were going to discover a niche market for mass air flow housings and weld-on MAF sensor flanges.

In 2016 we rebranded the company as MRP Manufacturing, LLC, to better represent the growth and direction of our company. In the same year we also moved into our current 6000 sq ft facility in Pittsfield, NH.

Our new performance brand, Performance MRP, was launched in the spring of 2018.

Passion. Engineering. Precision. Performance MRP.