We take our customer service very seriously here at Performance MRP!

Right now, we are very proud to say that our E-bay account has maintained 100% positive feedback for many years! 

Over 3,200 happy customers have left us amazing feedback on how great our quality is and how we have solved their car problems or helped them with upgrades that they thought were never possible!


Performance MRP is known for genuine American-Made quality and customer service. As technology
changes and vehicle systems become more adaptive, Performance MRP is going
to strive to deliver new, industry-leading parts and systems that the user wants.

Our customer-driven philosophy allows us to be apart of a community of both
hobbyists and professionals where we are giving people exactly what they want
and need for both new and well-loved project cars alike. Limitations around new
and old vehicles, as well as unavailability of certain parts can leave one uncertain
about the next steps for their car. Our quality-guaranteed products are out there
to solve customer’s problems or take their build in a direction that they never
even knew possible before!


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