This weekend marks another New England Forest Rally! A bunch of the guys from Performance MRP are going up for the weekend to watch the rally cars.



Performance MRP has been working hard to come up with new, innovative products to not only upgrade your current MAF set-up, but to also fix it!

There are a lot of newer Volkswagens, as well as mini coopers, that have MAF housings where the sensors are glued in as opposed to being bolted.

In these common set-ups, the owner is unable to upgrade unless they bought a FULL system set-up. We are working on resolving that issue with our new flanges that will be designed for glued on MAF sensors. Performance MRP is cultivating a way to safely remove the old sensor and then use our new flanges!

Right now, the product is still in the early stages of planning - but we have come a long way in a couple of days with new 3D printed concepts and more!




We are also working on new Cummins MAF flanges! We continue to grow as a company and give our customer's the parts that they want and need!



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