Coming back from a Holiday weekend can be rough, so we decided to make life a little easier with a limited time offer of FREE shipping on everything on our website! The best part about it - no codes, no log-ins, no minimums - just shop till you drop and enjoy free ground shipping within the contiguous United States! 


If there was ever a time to buy - now would be it! Many customers are saved from check engine lights, bad readings, and more with our custom Mass Air Flow housings! We have launched a housing and/or weld-on flange for nearly every make and model out there. We are continuing to expand our inventory and meet our customer's needs and wants. Whether it's 3D printed Mazda RX7 parts or secondary air deletes for a Volkswagen, we have you covered. We love to take on new projects, so don't ever be afraid to reach out to us at


These past couple of months we have released a handful of new products including,


A flat sided Volkswagen Audi 3 and 2.5 Bar Aluminum MAP Sensor Weld-On Flange - perfect for using on any flat surface!


A rear brake upgrade for the FC RX7 that won’t break the bank!

Increase stopping power and reduce brake fade by upgrading your rear brake rotors to the larger rear rotors from the FD RX7 with our new rear caliper relocation brackets!



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