Rob's RX7

Hot Off the Performance MRP 3D Printer...

Two Original 3D Printed FC Mazda RX7 gauge pods for the 1986-1992 models


Get yours today!

Made to order so please allow 1 business day to make before we ship.






These are printed as "unfinished" products, so you are able to pain, cover, or do whatever you'd like to customize them. Be aware that for the dual gauge there are some "spots" on the material that are from us removing the vertical towers the printer builds to keep the form.


Below is what the gauge pod looks like right after it prints. We go through and remove the towers and excess pieces. 

Visit next week to see our new velocity stacks and the variety of new products we have on our website now!


Don't forget, Performance MRP is your Mass Air Flow Housing and Flange Go-To Manufacturer. All made in Pittsfield, NH by a small, family-owned business of car enthusiasts.


Check out Bruce's weld-on flange he got from us to finish off the intake for his 2006 Honda Civic SI!



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