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Dutch Parts Co.


All Dutch Parts Co. parts are made from High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) which is known for its high strength. HDPE cannot snap or break like other options on the market and it also has a very high abrasion resistance which means it can scrape the ground regularly without an issue. For our lowered car owners, worrying about hitting your bumper on curbs or coming out of steep driveways will be a thing of the past.


Keep your paint clean and guarded from road, driveway, and curb scrapes. Our parts regularly act as impact shields to protect your body panels from the harsh surfaces that your vehicle encounters every day. We regularly slam our cars and know that the DPC Splitter will put up with whatever we throw at it.


More About Dutch Parts Co.


Our parts are less expensive and more bang for your buck than other carbon fiber and ABS plastic alternatives on the market. Many of our customers have been let down by competitor’s products breaking on them only to come to us for our more durable/cheaper option. Save yourself some cash and buy from us!


Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in New Hampshire.


Performance MRP is an authorized dealer of Dutch Parts Co. products.